Marc Jacobs - Lolita - Review

If you've been around here for a little while, you'll know that I purchased quite a few of the Marc Jacobs Beauty items. I have been loving the shadows and blushes so much, but when I saw The Lolita palette, I thought - I have so many neutral palettes. Why bother? Especially being that the line has some beautiful fun and rich colors to play with, right? Then, slowly, little by little, inch by inch, I was leaning towards buying this palette. I'd put it in my cart and then take it out. I'd swatch it in the store, debate in my head and convince myself out of the purchase. Finally I jumped the gun and did it on a whim. I am so so so happy I did. I will quickly say that I've heard a lot of complaints about the price tag, but you're getting 7 high end eyeshadows here so I think that's pretty in line with other brands in that price tier. Anyways, this really is a beautiful neutral palette and I believe it's very worth it. The colors are just perfect. I really appreciate that they aren't too warm or bronzy. They're a bit more cool, but not too cool so I think this could work for any skin tone. I'm personally obsessed with the shimmery light pink shade in the palette. It's gorgeous! I have been using it on the eyelid or in the inner corner and it just brightens up your eyes. The other great thing about this is that the three shades on the left hand side are matte, the middle shade is a frosty glittery shade (beautiful to layer on top of the other shadows for an extra pop on a night out) and the three shades on the right are gorgeous fine shimmery shades. The shadows are greatly pigmented and buttery smooth. They blend really easily as well. I have nothing bad to say about this. Honest. Scouts honor. Oh, and shall I rave about the packaging? I mean. It's just. Sexy, right?!

Click through for swatches. 

Taken with flash. Gorgeous!

Talk soon, Kisses, J

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