Favorites - October

Hey everyone. OK, I know this is late. Like really late. But better late than never, right?! October was a month of new favorite and some old favorites coming back around. I'd say, let's not fuss much with an intro and just jump right into what I have been obsessed with in October. Click through for my thoughts on each….

I have alway loved M.A.C eyeshadows. I started out with them as my first shadows in my collection and I have continued to love them even through acquiring many others. I do, however, sometimes forgot about them and since they're in larger palettes, I tend to reach for them less. So, I picked up the 4 pan palette and popped a few shades in there and have become newly obsessed. I think I forgot how much I love these. They're good quality. Highly pigmented, smooth, easy to blend and they come in matte, shimmer or frost. I have just been rotating different colors into the 4 pan palette depending on the day. Above I have satin taupe, cranberry, relaxing and black tied. I want to do a separate post showing all my most used/favorite M.A.C shadows because I have totally rediscovered them this month and definitely have some that were favorites six years ago and continue to be today. Did I talk enough about them yet? Yeah, I think so! Let's move on...

I'm obsessed. I've been obsessed since it first launched. This is a creamy consistency (duh) and it gives a really great coverage. I love using this on my face. It glides on and covers great without looking cakey or dry. I will say that this does crease under the eyes for a lot of people. I personally don't have trouble with it creasing under my eyes, but even if you do, I still highly recommend it for the face. I've already repurchased it a few times because I can't live without it.

This seems to have been getting a lot of attention recently and rightfully so. I've loved this balm for years now and will continue repurchasing. The packaging is simple and elegant. The balm smells like roses and it glides onto the lips smoothing over them and protecting them from sun damage with an SPF of 15. It's one that feels and smells luxurious. I love it. I will warn you that when you first buy it, you kind of have to break through the top a bit with your finger. Kind of push it down because the top part is sort of hard and you won't get any balm out of it. The first time I tried it I thought, "WTF is this?". But once you break through that layer, it's wonderful and smooth and creamy and balmy. Try it!

I don't ever want to live without this mask. I already did a review on this here, but I've been using it so much lately that I had to include it. It's brilliant at unclogging pores and decongesting your skin. My favorite is using it in the evenings right after a shower because the steam really opens up your pores and I can feel the mask going in and tingling. My skin feels clearer and cleaner afterwards. 

These are great blushes. I have so many of the colors because the formula is perfection. It has good pigmentation, glides on nicely and blending beautifully. It also stays true to color all day long. It won't face or change throughout the day. I've been using the color Dollface a lot. It's a nice soft pink color. Not too pale and not too bright. It gives a pretty sheen, but it's not sparkly or shimmery. It's perfection.

Do any of you watch Lisa Eldridge on YouTube or follow her blog? She is an absolutely brilliant makeup artist. I really appreciate her work and her manner. In watching her videos, I had seen her using  a thin felt tip pen to fill in her brows at times and it always looked so natural. The pen tip emulates hairs with thin and short feathery strokes. Hers was from a brand called Suqqu which is near impossible to track down in the U.S. so when I found this one from Stila, I practically devoured it. I have been obsessed ever since. I've been using it everyday in the darkest shade to fill in my brows and then I just brush through with a lash spooky to soften any harsh lines. It does stay put all day as it's a waterproof formula which is just another plus. It's just a brilliant product and has been taking over powders and pencils.

This is another product I've repurchased so many times. This top coat is super shiny and glossy on the nails. I often get asked if I'm wearing gel polish when I have it on. It helps my polish last longer, but the best part about it is that it truly does dry fast. Like really fast. Like I do my nails 20 minutes before I go to bed and never have to worry about my nails getting messed up. I do my nails multiple times a week and this top coat is the only reason I have the time to!

I have mentioned before that I'm not a fan of face primers. I never feel that they help much and I personally despise the feeling of silicone in products. It's got that slippery smooth feeling that glides on and fills pores or wrinkles and helps makeup glide onto your skin which is great. Unfortunately I just can't stand the texture. I had tried the original Smashbox Photofinish primer and hated it so I stayed away from all of them for a long time. Finally, I decided to try the Light version on a whim and I'm happy I did. It still smooths your skin and helps your foundation last longer, but it feels lighter and closer to a lightweight moisturizer than a silicone based primer. I've been using it everyday since I bought it. I'm really enjoying it.

I'm really picky with hand cream. I hate the greasy feeling some of them have, but my hands get very dry so I need something that will moisturize well. I've been hooked on this hand cream since the first time I sampled it a few years ago. It feels light, but it's really moisturizing. It sinks into your skin leaving it feeling non greasy. Just like nourished skin. My favorite scent is 'Breathe' which is a peony flowery scent, but it's very very soft and subtle. I love it because it smells pretty, but won't interfere with a perfume that I might have on. I also love the packaging. Every scent has some pattern on the tube and they're all beautiful. It is a bit pricey for hand cream, but so worth it! I usually find them at Anthropologie or on their website.

Phew! That was a lot. Have any of you tried some of the things I mentioned? And what are your current faves?

Talk soon. Kisses, J

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