NARS | Guy Bourdin - Review

Hey hey hey. So many brands release holiday collections it's sensory overload. Seriously. But when I saw that NARS was doing a collection inspired by Guy Bourdin, I was so excited. I love art and photography and Guy Bourdin has some amazing photography. Known for his bold imagery with vibrant colors, his work is a perfect pairing with NARS. Not to mention his work is very provocative and sexy. It's seriously a match made in heaven and I really think NARS did this one justice. Very rich and vibrant colors. Ugh, I just can't even describe. It's so nice for the edgy girl that's not afraid to be bold and out there.

The blushes are by far my favorites from the collection. Day Dream is a shimmery peachy pink color that I'm newly obsessed with. You can really never go wrong with a NARS blush. No, really. Coeur Battant is the rebel of the blushes. It's this bright fuchsia pink color that is highly highly pigmented. The swatch below is one swipe. INSANE! It is still wearable though. You can apply it using a duofibre brush and a light hand. These are the kind of colors that look frightening, but applied correctly, can really bring life and a natural flush to your face beautifully. They also released a blush palette called One Night Stand. These names, I tell you. I knew this was the one thing I HAD to have. One highlighter, a bronzer (laguna) and four blushes all together in one palette. Orgasm (a NARS classic that everyone should have) is one of the blushes and the other three I believe are new for this palette. They're all gorgeous and wearable. You literally have everything you would need in this one palette.

NARS Guy Bourdin - Cinematic Blushes
Left to Right - Day Dream & Coeur Battant

The eyeshadows are really great color choices I think. Bold and beautiful. They were all quite soft and pigmented. I did think that Rage (shimmery purple) was a little more sheer than the others (the swatch below is using two swipes layered over each other for full color while the others only needed one swipe). That being said, I do think Rage was my favorite of all the colors. I love a good purple. 

NARS Guy Bourdin - Cinematic Eyeshadows
Left to Right: Rage (shimmery purple), Wishful Thinking (shimmery cobalt blue), Bad Behavior (shimmery charcoal grey) and Mississippi Mermaid (shimmery champagne)

The lipsticks are also absolutely amazing. They're up there with the blushes. They're all full color pigmentation in one application and they're very creamy, but not too creamy that they make a mess on your face. They have no shimmer in any of them. They're just really good. Honest. It's funny because I looked at these and thought that these are the colors that every girl should have in her collection. They're great shades.

NARS Guy Bourdin - Cinematic Lipsticks
Left to Right: Future Red (creamy classic red), Short Circuit (creamy reddish orange), Full Frontal (creamy pinkish purple) and Goodbye Emmanuelle (creamy pink)

They also have nail polishes and some gift sets as part of the collection. The nail colors were pretty, but I felt like I had some in my collection already that were similar enough so I avoided them. Overall, I would say that if you want to pick something up from the collection, go for the blushes. You won't be disappointed. My favorites that I would specifically recommend, the standouts, were the One Night Stand blush palette and the Day Dream blush. I also am in love with the Future Red lipstick. It's just the perfect red. Classic and beautiful. 

I put up a Pinterest board with some of Guy Bourdin's work here. His stuff is really inspiring and seeing the inspiration just makes you fall in love with this collection even more.

Talk to you all soon. And if you celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you have a lovely holiday!
Kisses, J

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