Chanel La Diva Lipstick - Spring 2014

I cannot tell you how madly in love I am with this lipstick! I first saw it online and thought - it's probably not that vibrant in person, but let's give it a go. It looked gorgeous and honestly it is! I just love love love this color. It's a very bright pink color with a velvet matte finish. I mean, seriously! I cannot fault this whatsoever. For a girl who hates wearing even regular lipsticks, this is a pretty comfortable matte. It has a slight creamy feeling which is really comfy on the lips. The texture is thin, but highly pigmented. And let's be honest - a color like this in the classically chic packaging of Chanel, who wouldn't like this?! This is definitely stealing the show for Spring and becoming a fast favorite of mine. LOVE!

Click through for a swatch. 
What are you loving for Spring?
Talk soon. Kisses, J

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  1. Wow thats such a nice colour!!! xx