Dior Spring Nails - Blossom 132

Hey Everyone. First and foremost - HAPPY FRIDAY!!! Gotta love a Friday. I thought I'd leave you all with a pretty Spring color this week - the Dior Blossom nail polish. They have six colors total in their spring line, but when I saw Blossom, I knew I wanted it. I love a good peachy color for the Spring time. I do enjoy Dior polishes as they have that same wide brush that's flat and cut rounded at the top like the YSL polishes. It makes it really easy to paint your nails as it fits perfectly into your nail beds and fans out nicely to coat your entire nail in one to two strokes. I think the color is really pretty and quite universally flattering. It's very fresh. A peach color with golden shimmer running through it. It is more of a sheer nail color. With two coats you can still slightly see through it which I don't mind at all because it does look like the color in the bottle meaning it's intended to be that way. If you're looking for something opaque, you'd have to do three coats to get that with this one so I wouldn't recommend this if that's what you're expecting. I, however, was very happy with it as it feels like a very light and happy color. Quite pleased! 

Click through for promo pics of all the new colors and a nail swatch of Blossom.
Hope you all are doing wonderful!
Talk soon. Kisses, J

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  1. Such a nice colour.