Bangs and so on and on

I guess this is all really about changes. What I've always enjoyed about makeup is being able to play around and change things up without having to commit. Hot pink lips today, smokey eyes tomorrow, bronzer for the beach. I'm so indecisive that I love it when I can change things up without a care. But, I've been trying to make a few more lifestyle changes. If you can't let go and just take a plunge into new things, who knows what you will be missing out on!

A couple of months ago, I had a stroke of boldness and got bangs! What?! My hair stylist sectioned them off, opened her scissors, looked at me and said "are you sure?". I can't believe I said "yes"! Since getting them, I've been through every emotion in the book. I hate them, I love them, they're so cool, I look like I'm 5, they look so edgy, I don't have time for this! I'm now in the weird phase of growing them out. So, I'll wear them to the side or center part them for that french girl look. I have to say though, that after all of that, I have no regrets about cutting bangs. Yes, I'm growing them out, but it's challenged me to try new hairstyles (which I never do) and figure out different ways to work with my hair. I've also realized how much I love having hair to frame my face when I pull it back into a bun or ponytail. It looks so cool. So, I've decided to keep bangs, but long. I'm waiting to grow them where they're about nose/top lip length. This way, they'll blend into the rest of my hair, but if I want to pull them down when the rest of my hair is back, I'll still be able to do that too.

Long story short? Don't be afraid to try new things. What's the worst that can happen? I've had some ups and downs, but I've learned a lot and found out things I like that I'd have never known if I hadn't tried this out. It's all about being versatile, creative, not taking yourself too seriously and not being afraid to make a change. Be bold!

Starting to blog is part of my "being bold". Trying something new and seeing what happens. It's really fun to start something different that you know has potential, but don't know where it will take you. I'm looking forward to continuing drawing, photographing and writing more for next week. I have a lot of ideas in store (a forever long list, actually).

Until then.
p.s. I recently picked up the new Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balms and I'm thoroughly enjoying them. They're affordable, moisturizing, have a perfect tint of color and best of all is that every single one smells amazing! The Limited Edition Electro collection is out now and they're in black tubes which is cool. They are fun brighter colors than those in the permanent line. If you're around a drugstore, you should check them out! And if you've never tried Baby Lips, what are you waiting for?!

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