Pretty in Pink

I can't quite put my finger on it. Maybe it's Spring approaching, but I've been obsessed with pale pinks as of late. I looked over on my nightstand the other day and thought "nice!". It's funny how you don't realize how much you're loving something until you've gathered and collected it all by chance. I have been using my lovely pink Chanel polish in Mica Rose (discontinued, but Frisson is similar). Just a pale sheer pink with pretty golden shimmer. A perfect girly everyday color. And the Mica Chanel lip glossimer is almost like it's twin morphed into a gloss. I love them both so much and they're just easy to throw on. You feel pretty without being overdone. And I've been using my Rodin lip balm everyday. I have looked at Rodin products before, but they're definitely a pretty penny so I was really excited when I got this as part of a christmas gift. Quite the luxury lip balm I'd say and I love it. I think I honestly just enjoy the experience of it. If that makes sense. The gorgeous clear packaging with the simplistic "RODIN" written over it. Very modern and chic. Beautiful! And did I mention I have a new obsession with Diptyque candles? I've seen them so many times and have willfully avoided them knowing the price tag that comes with. I caved finally and got a Gardenia candle (which is amazing), but when I saw them release this Rosa Mundi limited edition scent for Spring, I wanted it! It's so pretty in a milk glass vessel with the botanical looking flowers on the front and a gorgeous floral spring scented candle. These burn so nicely too and last quite a long time. I haven't burned it much though because I want to savor it. So pretty. I have to say, I really love expensive packaging. I'm happy to save my dollars and splurge when I am able to slowly collect beautiful things. There's just a different experience you get when using them. I can't describe it, but pulling out a Chanel lipgloss is so satisfying. And every time I open the Rodin balm, I feel special. It's just a treat for me. My mom always used to say that I would always pick out the most expensive thing in the store. Unintentionally without even seeing a tag. I guess some things never change. If my wallet could only keep up! Do any of you have a few luxury items that you splurge on to treat yourself and make you feel uber fancy?

Talk soon. Kisses, J
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