Loving This Look - Tantalizing Eyes

Lately I've been obsessing over purples and cranberry colors. I think it's a combination of Fall and the Halloween spirit in the air. But then I saw these ridiculously cool flowers called Fritillaria and have been obsessed. For one, they have this really amazing checkerboard like pattern on the petals. Yes, that's legit. It looks straight up out of a Tim Burton film or something. Aside from that, I just loved the dramatic eggplant color that they had. Some even had this cranberry reddish purple color as well. And from that stemmed this look. A deep tantalizing purple/aubergine makeup look. I started with M.A.C's Plum Dressing (A reddish purple color) on the base of the eyelid. Focusing the color in the inner and center part of the lower lid. I also applied a small amount to the inner part of my lower lash line. I then took M.A.C's Nocturnelle (love that name!) and placed the color in a sideways 'V' shape at the outer corner of the lid and then took a fluffy blending brush to blend it into Plum Dressing as well as to soften any harsh lines around the edges. And of course, used it along the outer 1/3 of the lower lash line. I then took a little bit of Blackberry which is a deep matte smokey purple and applied it to the outer edge of my eyes along the top and bottom lash line just to give it some definition. To finish it all off, I applied NARS Via Veneto to the inner rim of the eye which always makes the eyes pop in a sexy sultry way. And you can't forget mascara! Armani Eyes to Kill in black is perfect for full lashes that won't get lost in the deep colors of the shadows. Moving onto the face, I skipped blush and just used the Dior Bronzer to warm up the complexion. Using a large powder brush, I dusted it lightly on the top of the forehead, cheeks and a small amount just under the lip to give it that pouty look. And finally, my favorite nude pink lipstick, Estee Lauder's Crystal Baby, went onto the lips. It's a beautiful creamy nude pink that is perfect for all complexions. I always have difficulty finding good nude type colors for my lips as they are naturally a deep mauve/berry color and this color is just perfect! I'm loving this look for Fall/Autumn. It would be perfect for an evening out.
Talk soon. Kisses, J

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- M.A.C Plum Dressing
- M.A.C Nocturnelle
- M.A.C BlackBerry
- NARS Via Veneto pencil
- Armani Eyes to Kill Mascara

- Diorskin Nude Tan Nude Glow Sun Powder

-Estee Lauder Crystal Baby

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