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Hey Hey Hey! I'm alive! I felt so distant not writing for almost all of last week. It's been so busy lately. I've been working on putting together my professional portfolio since I haven't updated that since I was in college. Crazy how time flies and I want to keep on it! I feel like I have so many ideas and thoughts for posts and I just don't have enough time to get them all out there! But, I'm hoping to get two others I'm really excited about up this week. Pinky promise! Before then, I just wanted to say 'Hi' and let you know what in the world I've been up to!
For the past month I've been trying to catch up with Breaking Bad. I swear it was torture trying to avoid spoilers EVERYWHERE I went. It was such an epic show, the whole world was watching. I finally finished up the series last weekend and it was so bittersweet. It was such perfection. I will miss Jesse Pinkman so much! He was definitely my favorite.
I've also been slowly collecting some goodies. I bought myself a mini instax camera. Basically like a poloroid camera made by FujiFilm. I'm obsessed and can't wait to start taking pictures with it. The images are the size of credit cards. So cool! AND!!! I also had a friend personally cart a tube of Hydraluron from the UK. Yay! I thought I'd never be able to get my hands on it and try it.
And last Sunday I made a trip out to the theater to see Gravity. I thought it was great. Very quietly suspenseful and I really enjoyed George Clooney's character. I've heard mixed reviews, but I really liked it. I could feel myself gripping the seat!

Oh, also, a little random side note... after months of practice, I've significantly improved my whistling skills which essentially means I can make wind sounds. Yes!

So, that's what's up with me. What's up with you?
Talk soon. Kisses, J

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