My Favorite Pink Blushes

I have a thing for pink blushes. Seriously. I just love those pale baby doll pink blushes that look soft and sweet on your cheeks. They're the kind of pinks that are universally flattering and I'm obsessed with buying them. There's something about a perfect pink blush that if I find a good one, I have to buy it. Even if I have five others at home. They do have slight variations though. I promise you, they do. So, I went though my collection the other day and pulled out my top five favorites. The ones I keep going back to and the ones that have deemed good enough to be repurchased. Here we go!

OK, this one sort of sneaked in here. I just got this blush a week and a half ago, but I'm absolutely head over heels for it! It is limited edition for the YSL winter collection and it's gorgeous! The packaging is sweet and fun. The blush inside though is amazing all on it's own. It's this soft sheer pink with an extremely fine shimmer. I swear I feel like my cheeks are glowing and radiant when I wear this. It catches the light really nicely. I have been wearing it everyday since I got it. I'm actually really sad that it's limited edition because I'll be heartbroken when it runs out! Maybe I should buy a backup - yes, I'm that obsessed!

There is something about Dior powders that are so gorgeous and finely milled that they blend into your skin seamlessly and so easily. This particular blush is a very bright cool pink with no shimmer, but it does have a beautiful sheen to it. I think the sheen is just because the texture of the powder itself because there's no sparkle or shimmer. You'll notice in the swatch below the color looks quite odd on the skin, but do not fear. It's actually gorgeous on the cheeks and just give you a "glow" - as they say. It's intended to react with your skin and actually adjust color slightly to coordinate with your skin tone so it will look super natural like you're just beaming. I suggest trying this on your cheeks in store. Don't do a hand swatch, actually apply it to your cheeks. Everyone I've seen wear this blush looks fantastic.

This is probably one of the oldest blushes in my collection. I remembering this from way way way back when. Probably ten plus years ago. It's always my go to blush when I do a heavy eye and want a soft blush that's pink, but not too pink as this is a very warm peachy pink. It's also gorgeous for a natural look. It has a tiny bit of shimmer, but it's not super obvious. It's really a good staple to have.

This is one I've actually hit pan on and I'm nervous to run out. The Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushes are amazing across the board in formula. They are highly pigmented, blend nicely and they never oxidize or fade as the day goes on. Oxidizing (if you're wondering) is when the oils from your face mix with a formula and change the color of it to appear darker or different than what was intended in the initial application. The color is a warm pink, but not too too warm. It has a faint shimmer running through it, but I honestly never notice it once it's applied to my cheeks. It's the perfect everyday color. 

If you've kept up with my blog, you'll have heard me rave about the YSL Creme Blush formulas. I think they're so fantastic. Hands down the best cream blush formula ever. Yes, ever! They're smooth and creamy. They don't drag your makeup around when you go to apply them. They will blend over liquids and also powders without any fuss. And they smooth out to almost a powder like finish. They look so natural on the skin, it's beautiful. This color is a soft warm pink with no shimmer. It's an amazing color and formula!

Below are a few swatches.  These are all absolutely gorgeous shades and are flattering across the board. The top is in direct sunlight and the bottom is in shade.

From left to right: YSL Parisian, Dior, Benefit, Tarte & YSL Creme Blush

Do any of you love these doll like blush colors? Which ones are your favorites?

Talk soon! Kiss, J


  1. I would like to develop a love for pink blushes as they look so feminine and pretty in their pans, but my medium-tan skin just loves rose and berry shades more!

  2. Ah yes, I feel you. Sometimes I see things on other people and I'm like… "WHY?!!! why can't I pull it off?". But I do think you could probably get away with warmer pinks. Oh, you should test out the Dior Healthy Glow when you see it. That pink actually adapts to your skin tone so it's flattering for everyone :)
    Berry shades are gorgeous though. I'm obsessed with Tantalizing by Marc Jacobs Beauty!!
    Good luck!