Hourglass Lip Oil - Review

Hi! Have any of you seen the new Hourglass Lip Treatment Oil? I noticed it right away when it was released as it has a very unique package/dispenser for a lip treatment. The casing is a bit large for a lip treatment/balm sort of thing. It also caught my eye from the description. "14 essential oils", "opulent 24 karat, antibacterial, gold - plated tip". Say what?! No, I'm being serious. And it has a price tag to match at $42. I was really going to avoid this one, but then I thought - screw it. I've got really dry chapped lips all the time, I should give it a go. Maybe it will be the end all miracle product. Just maybe. So, I snatched it up and closed my eyes as I handed my card at the register. Ouch!

I've been using it ever since which is about a month now. I really wanted to give this a proper go before talking about it which I like to do for everything, but especially being that this is $42 versus what people usually think $20 is too high for such a product. OK, so this is said to have all these essential oils to provide deep moisture, immediate relief to dry/chapped lips, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, improve the appearance of lips volume, hydration, shape and softness. The 24 karat gold plated application help give an immediate cooling relief and it is antibacterial.

OK, so that's a lot of claims. Putting it to the test and applying it at least twice a day (as recommended), I've come to be a bit indifferent to this product. I will preface this with saying that I get very dry/chapped lips all year round so reviewing this in the winter is really putting it through the ringer. That being said, it's not the ultimate luxury - I have to have it - so worth the splurge type of product for me. I do like the applicator. You press down on the back of the tube and the lip oil dispenses from the center of the curved gold tip. The tip feels very smooth and cold as you apply it to the tips. I really do love the feeling of the shape and coolness of that gold tip. That part of it feels really luxurious and beautiful. The oil itself almost feels like putting on a gloss. Like a moisturizing gloss formula. I do feel that it gives immediate relief and it can help protect from weather conditions when it's on by creating a barrier for your lips. It also looks nice on the lips as it has a plush like texture that sort of smooths over dry areas or any fine lines in the lips. So, if you use another lip product over top of it, it will give your lips a really nice looking full appearance. In that sense, it does do as it says as an immediate result. My issues were in long term results. I didn't feel it really provided the deepest moisture for my lips. It didn't last as long as I'd hoped. I would have to apply this often throughout the day which made me feel like I was using it up really quickly which freaked me out after paying so much for it. Once it wore off, I didn't feel my lips plumper or more hydrated. They looked the same as if I'd used other lip products that I love.

Overall, I liked it, it felt luxurious, it had great short term results, but nothing long lasting that really made a difference. I wanted to love this, but honestly, my Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream is better at injecting moisture and transforming my lips from dry and shriveled to moisturized and plump. I like that I can really rub that one into my lips to get it to penetrate them whereas this oil just sits on top of the lips. I do also love my Dior Creme De Rose which is great for daily maintenance. Like I said though, the lip oil does look nice underneath other lip products as it does feel plush and other lipsticks just glide over top and it makes your lips look smooth and pouty. I think this is wonderful if you're looking for something luxurious to provide instant results, I just wouldn't count on it transforming your lips into anything long term.

Have any of you given this a go? What were your thoughts? Do you agree or disagree?
Talk to you all soon! Kisses, J

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  1. I think I will get that EA 8 hour cream for my mom, sounds like a miracle!