Clarins Splendours Color Quartet & Liner Eye Palette - Review

So technically this palette was released for Summer (I know I know, I'm a little late. It happens). I had seen it online and it was one of those things that I kept looking at over and over again, but it somehow kept getting pushed aside. I've never tried anything from Clarins. I've heard a lot about some of their skincare products, but not much about their makeup. This palette was just so gorgeous though, I kept going back to look at it! It has this intriguing embossed aztec looking pattern on the lid of the compact that has a reddish bronze overlay on top of it that gives it this beautiful casing and reflection. Then I looked at the shadow colors and those are just so my colors. As you can see, this purchase may have come a little late, but I went ahead and finally purchased this and I'm so excited.

As I mentioned, the packaging is gorgeous. When you open the compact, the base is a light gold color. There are four eye shadows and one cream eyeliner. All are embossed with that same aztec looking design which is so pretty. It also comes with two sponge applicators. One rounded and the other pointed which also has a synthetic angled brush on the other end that you can use for the liner. To be honest, when I first was eyeing this palette, I didn't even notice the liner. I thought it was just the shadows and so the liner was kind of a bonus for me. The shadows are mainly mineral based, all shimmery and can be used dry (as swatched below) or wet for more intensity. They go on smoothly and nicely pigmented on their own. The shadows all blend really easily which is always important. The cream eyeliner looks very black in the pan, but it swatches a bit more of a dark brownish black. I do think it looks nice with the shadows as they're all so soft that this adds depth without looking too harsh. I just wanted to mention that since I think it looks like a really dark black in the pan which is a bit misleading. I've actually been using the liner more as a cream shadow to smudge on the top and bottom outer corners of my lash lines to give depth to my eyes and it works really nicely for that. It does get a bit of fallout from the shadows which is the nature of mixing powders and creams in a palette, but it doesn't bother me much in this case. I think my bigger pet peeve with that is shadows and lip products together in palettes. Anyways, I think these warm bronzy neutrals are excellent for summer, but also just for an everyday basic look. I've been going to this a lot for a soft golden look. I also always adore having a good light pink shade for my eyelids. It always keeps it looking pretty and fresh.

I was able to find mine at Nordstroms and they're still available on the site if you want to pick one up for yourself. It's a fantastic everyday palette with everything you need in a pretty package. Swatches shown below. Top in shade and the bottom in direct sunlight.

Hope you're all well. Talk soon! Kisses, J

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