Alpha H Liquid Gold - Review

When I decided to change up my skincare routine a few months ago, I really wanted something that would help smooth my skin texture and help get rid of some scars and dark spots. I scar really easily on my face. Even if I never touch a break out, even if it's teeny tiny, it always leaves a mark. So annoying. And it's really hard to find good products to help get rid of them. It takes forever and some of them don't even really do much. So, I had heard about Alpha H Liquid Gold and thought, why not? It's had so many amazing reviews that I figured I might as well give it a go. I'm so happy that I did, because this will forever be a part of my skincare routine. It's seriously as good as you might have heard. It has helped even out my skin tone and has done so much more that I wasn't even thinking about when I purchased.

This product targets to resurface the texture of your skin, brighten it, tighten/firm it, even out tone, help with wrinkles and helps keep your skin clear of breakouts. Wow! Really?! Sounds like such a gimmick. I swear it's not. It's really helped me personally with all of those things. Aside from wrinkles as I'm too young to have any I can't attest to that yet. Ask me again in 10 yrs (or 30, if I'm lucky!). To give you a little background, Glycolic acid is a natural acid. It comes from sugar cane. What it does is loosens dead cells on the surface of your skin. Basically, exfoliating your skin with a concentrated dose. Getting rid of those dead/old skin cells will allow cleaner, newer skin cells to show at the surface giving the appearance of brighter and more renewed skin. I did notice the first few times of using it that I don't look much different when I first wake up, but as soon as I wash my face I can see what it did for me. It's sort of like you need to wash off all those loose skin cells and then you'll see the difference. I find that my face looks more radiant, pores look tightened and less noticeable, skin tone looks more even and texture is more smoothed. I think that this has evened out my skin tone more than any other product. I've been using this for three months and it's made a significant difference. I actually started noticing results with that after the first week or two of using. It works fast!

Ok, onto how to use this. It's important to apply this in the evening before going to sleep. It suggests using every other night which has worked well for me. You apply it to clean, dry skin. Dry skin is important. Dry your face after washing and do not use any serums or creams when you use this product. It needs to go onto your dry skin so that it can penetrate and work it's magic. So, for liquid gold night, use this and only this so you get proper and maximum results. I just pour out some of the liquid onto a cotton pad and apply it over my entire face and down onto my neck. It tingles very slightly. I almost don't notice it personally. I do, however, like to use my jade roller beforehand to get the blood flowing in my face and I tend to feel the liquid penetrate better and tingle a bit more. I feel like it works better that way. It's not at all uncomfortable to me. Then I go to sleep! I do want to note that it's important to use sunscreen the following morning. Because you've just done this exfoliation, your skin is likely to burn more easily. So, be sure to protect it and use SPF.

Overall, I think this is a brilliant product. It is a bit more difficult to locate in the U.S. so I order it online from CultBeauty.com. I pretty much would recommend this to anybody. It's really good!


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