Fall/Autumn Nail Polish Favorites - Part II

By now I think the cat is out of the bag and you all know that I'm obsessed with nail polish. Pretty much like everything else on this blog. Yesterday I posted some of my favorite colors I'll be wearing this fall from Essie and today I have my other favorites from Butter London. I love their polishes as well. Really opaque and they have a beautiful shine to them. My favorite polishes to get from them though are their glitters. OMG, the glitters! They are the best glitter polishes I've come by. It will cover your nail in two coats without a base coat needed. Your nails will literally look like you've dipped them in glitter. I always get compliments wearing them as it looks like a super fancy manicure. I will note that they are a B*&$@ to remove. I guess that comes with the territory of glitter polish. The easiest thing to do is soak a cotton pad with nail polish remover and let it sit on your nail for a minute or so before you start trying to rub it off. Otherwise, you'll just shred the cotton pad and be super annoyed that you ever decided to put on glitter nail polish! But it's so worth it. Here are some of my Butter London favorites for the Autumn/Fall seasons. I have a few glitters, a metallic and a nude shimmer. All beautiful.

Click through for colors....

(From left to right)

Fairy Cake 
A Fine iridescent silver glitter
Fine black glitter with silver sparkle
West End Wonderland
Fine gold glitter with copper sparkle. My all time ever 
favorite nail polish I think. And definitely most worn 
during this time of year.
The Old Bill
Copper/gold metallic. Like an old penny (less copper than 
Essie's Penny Talk that was in yesterdays post)
All Hail the Queen
A taupe nude color with silver shimmer

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