Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation & Veil Mineral Primer Review

About a week ago (maybe longer) I talked about the By Terry foundations and raved about how amazing they are, but I had to caution those of you with oily skin that you might want to steer clear or to just be ready to touch up throughout the day. Which seems to be the disclaimer with most products you hear everyone talk about. So annoying and frustrating to have oily skin. But to be honest, if you have oily skin you are probably already used to blotting and powdering all the time. I really feel you. I have had oily skin for a long time. It's just now becoming more combo and I just get oily through my T-zone area. But it sucks to see everyone using all these different products and never finding the one that suits you. Or that will still look good after a few hours.  If that sounds like you, I think I might have a possible answer for you. The Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation (long name!!). This may be the perfect oily skin foundation I've ever tried. Hands down!

I have been using it for about a week now and it's unlike any other foundation I've tried. When you have oily skin, you have issues keeping foundation on, keeping it matte and keeping it natural all at the same time. I've tried so many mattifying products and most don't really hold up to their claims. This, however, is really somethin' special! It comes out as a liquid and as soon as you start blending it into your skin, it turns into a powder like texture and finish. Powder often has a bad reputation, but when I say powder finish, I mean it in a really good way. It sort of just disappears into your skin. It will give you medium to full coverage and leave you with a flawless matte finish. It's not at all cakey or uncomfortable. It is also water and heat (as is the weather, not fire!!) resistant. I can totally attest to that as I wore this over the weekend on a really hot day outside and probably only blotted once throughout the entire day. That is huge considering I usually blot around 5 times a day if I want to stay matte when I'm not even out. Which also brings to mind that a blotting sheet is more than plenty to touch up. If you're a crazy blotter and powder touch up girl, be ready to surprise yourself. You'll never need to powder this foundation (even to touch up) and one blotting sheet touch up (if even necessary) will bring you back to looking like you first applied the foundation. And the blotting I'm mentioning is only if you're super oily skin. If you have average oily or combo skin, you probably won't need a touch up at all. I only needed to a bit on my nose. So, that pretty much tells you that it lasts well. It is intended to help with acne breakouts and scarring. I have not used it long enough to confirm that, but it has definitely sat well on my skin. No irritation or anything.

As for application - I think the best method is to use a buffing brush (like the Real Techniques expert face brush) or clean fingers to apply it. Do not try to use a sponge or your basic foundation brush (the ones that look like paint brushes) as they will not blend it out properly. I will note that you are better off working in sections for this as once it dries to that powder finish, if you keep going over it, it will break up the foundation and ruin the finish. So, best to do one area at a time, blend and then do another section of your face. I usually do one cheek at a time and then the center of my face. It's very comfortable and won't feel drying or tight, but this is intended for oily skin. I wouldn't recommend this to someone with dry skin. It will cling to dry patches and probably feel uncomfortable.

OK, now the Veil Mineral Primer. I've had a sample of this for a while and I personally never care for primers. I never feel like they really help or do anything. To be honest, I actually felt the same way about this one and stuffed it into a drawer, but when I purchased the foundation I gave the primer another go. I'm not sure if it's because they're from the same brand, but the primer with this foundation is really beautiful. It really helps lasting power and helps keep the foundation matte longer. It also has SPF 15 which is always an upside. The foundation on it's own is really wonderful and you don't have to get the primer, but if you are able to, it will just enhance it that much more.

Hourglass products are higher end. But I always say (and will always say) to spend your money on your skincare and foundation. If your skin looks good, almost nothing else matters. Buy a cheap mascara and drugstore lipgloss. It won't make a difference, but this will! Plus, Hourglass products are formulated with quality ingredients and they exclude parabens and all that bad stuff which is always a plus for things you're slapping all over your face! I purchased mine from Sephora, so if you're around one and you have problematic oily skin, give this a sample!!!!! It could very well be what you've been searching for forever.


  1. These sound soo good and I have oily skin too so I might just have to try them both! :) Great review, followed. xx