Hall of Fame - Dior Eyeshadow

While I was configuring my drugstore eye post from yesterday, I realized that I have some definite holy grail, all-time favorites from high end brands because these were the ones I kept referencing and comparing everything to. These are the ones that set the bar that I judge from. I have a definite few favorite brands, but there are three that I go back to time and time again. I will talk about the other two soon, but I wanted to start with Dior first. I started using Dior products back when I was in college and have been hooked ever since. I remember the first palette was a limited edition one with plums and light pinks. I practically wiped it clean. These Dior 5 Color Eyeshadow palettes have been my absolute must haves ever since. The packaging is beautiful. They come in a velvet pouch with the Dior name embossed on the top. The actual compact has the 'CD' initials underneath this clear blue overlay that is reflective and gorgeous with the "Dior" name layered on top in silver. Basically, it's really nice. The inside of the compact has a layout to fit five eyeshadow colors. I love that they're embossed with stitch lines like a quilted bag or something. And when you look at the shapes of the outer four spaces, they look like cut diamonds. Like you could place it on top of a ring. That should hook in every girl right there, huh? But, it doesn't stop there. The colors are long lasting and nicely pigmented. They blend effortlessly and the shimmers are of the most beautiful. It's really fine and elegant. What makes these staples for me is that I can get a really complete look out of these palettes. The color combinations are designed really well that I get use of every shade and I can create a few iterations of a look in one palette. No color ever goes to waste for me in these. And, I always hit pan and finish these up which always really says a lot for someone who has so much makeup. Rosy Tan is my favorite from the permanent line. It looks basic, but it's so beautiful for a feminine neutral look. I always look forward to limited releases too. I hope they come out with some great ones for holiday!
Kisses, J

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