Ponytail Revamped

As much as I love makeup is probably how much I dislike hair. I've never been really great at doing hair. It's just not my thing. Most days, it's just left natural and down and other days when I'm in a frantic rush, it gets pulled back into a ponytail. I always hate how ponytails really do look like you didn't have time to finish getting ready. Or like you just came from the gym so when I spotted these ponytail cuffs, I was thrilled. They're just these metal or plastic cuffs that come with a hair band attached so that you can wrap it around your ponytail and jazz it up a bit. You look so much more pulled together without any added effort. I also think it gives your ponytail a little bit of an edge which I think is perfect for fall/autumn by revamping an age old hairstyle. It kind of reminds me of a real life version of Princess Jasmine's ponytail at the end of Aladdin when she's in that red outfit and has her hair up with the gold cuff around it. Remember that? Yeah, so I'm really loving this. I found quite a few at Nordstrom. They have different colors to choose from. I bought a black one for myself, but I think I'm going to go back and get a few others. They have solids and some in colors with gold trim.
Until next time. Kisses, J

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