Marc Jacobs Nail Lacquer - Review

You probably already know that I kind of freaked out and bought a ton of stuff from the Marc Jacobs Beauty line when it launched. I tried to stick to buying things that were different than what I already had in my collection to justify the purchases. (You know what I mean?!). So, when I saw the nail lacquers I figured, I can pass. I have way too many already! But then I saw some great reviews and it was so enticing. But I stuck to my guns. Well, you obviously know that somewhere along the way all of that got lost and one of those little polishes went straight into my basket and is now living at home with me. Sigh. No self control. I picked up this super iridescent dark blackish green color named Sally which I LOVE! It's gorgeous and another great color for fall/autumn that could carry over into the winter months. Aside from the color, the formula is great. Very opaque and has great shine even without a top coat. It was said to be inspired by the high shine of lacquered tables and it's so spot on. I also love the packaging. It feels high end with the pull off top and then twist cap underneath it. Also still loving the rounded edges that this has like the rest of the line. From what I hear, the bottom of the bottle is supposed to curve like a smile. After knowing that, it's all I see - a pretty little bottle smiling back at me.

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