Bite Beauty Cashmere Lip Cream - Review

Picture this. Los Angeles, CA. Tuesday. 7:30pm. Sephora. I'm killing time browsing the aisles of cosmetics and I come across the endcap where these babies stood with the word "new" written in red on the panel below. Are you catching my drift here? I'm sure you can guess what happened next. Of course I had to try them out! And I mean "them" as in plural. I tried on all six colors in this formula. These Bite Beauty Cashmere Lip Creams are said to be a highly pigmented cream to powder formula. None of them have any shimmer in them. I drew my top favorite shades of the six here, but Sancerre is my favorite. It's this pink/red color and is gorgeous. They come with a flexible doefoot applicator which I found easy to use and didn't need a brush to correct any mistakes. Just be sure to start applying at the center of your lips so that the most color goes down there and then you can spread it out along the perimeter of your lips without making a mess. The pigment really is highly pigmented. It's ridiculously opaque in one stroke. It feels like a creamy matte texture/finish. It just has a slight sheen from the cream formula. I'm not really sold on the "powder finish". To me, it just felt like a really creamy lipstick. It's actually bizarre that it comes in a lipgloss looking tube, but feels and applies like a lipstick. What?! It's almost as though they melted a lipstick and put it into a tube. Crazy! And, for being that semi-matte finish, I was really impressed that it wasn't super uncomfortable. It didn't dry up on my lips or feel tight. I also didn't find the need to apply a lip liner. It stayed in place quite nicely. I had been previously eyeing the Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipsticks, but I sampled it in Sephora and really did not like it for me. It actually felt really similar upon application to these Bite Lip Creams, but it dries and sets on the lips. That's great for long lasting color that won't rub off or move, but I felt like it sucked all the moisture out of my lips and they just shriveled up. If you don't have issues with lip stains or long lasting lip products of that nature, you may like that because they do have beautiful colors and great pigmentation, but I am personally really picky with needing lip products to hold moisture. On that note, these Bite Beauty Lip Creams are definitely being added to my collection. I'm genuinely impressed. I'm loving this concept and like the look of a creamy lipsticky product! Beautiful! Like I said, Sancerre is my favorite color, but they also had a deep wine called Port and a deep burgundy color called Bordeaux which are both fantastic Fall colors. I also thought the bright pink was gorgeous. I tend to gravitate towards that color all the time! That one is called Moscato. All really beautiful and worth checking out!
Talk soon, J

p.s. check out my instagram for swatches of all six available colors here & here.

** Update **
I did notice that over time, these formulas tend to dry out. I would be sure to screw the cap on tightly and to store them appropriately. 

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