Catching Up

Hi there. It's just me today. I thought I'd take a minute to just have a little chat. Last week was quite hectic. With schools getting back in session, traffic has been crazy so getting to work has been quite the adventure which honestly wore me out in every possible way! I have a long commute and traffic added on top of that means I'm spending about two and a half hours one way. It's crazy, I know. Luckily, it's was a lovely 3-day holiday weekend if you live in America. Yay! So, I had some time to recuperate and get my head back on straight (literally). Which also meant I have had the chance to get some posts fleshed out for this coming week. Last week was a bit sparse, I'll admit. And even though I've only been blogging for a few months, I actually really missed it. I'm really enjoying blogging. It's exciting to have an idea, draw it up or photograph it, write about it and share it somewhere. 

Speaking of Photography, anyone who knows me knows that I'm much better at designing, directing or just drawing/illustrating than I am holding a camera. I can literally make someone cry about how they look from a terrible picture I've taken. Know someone whose head is too big (figuratively speaking, of course)? Just find me to take a picture of them. No joke. So, I have been trying to learn how to position and angle myself to get good compositions. And also have been learning more about all the manual settings that every photographer should know like any driver knows where the gas and break are in a car. From aperture to shutter speed and ISO. Oy! It's so much to think about. It's a bit overwhelming, but I've been challenging myself to take my camera out with me more and just have some fun with it. Change up the settings and see what happens. Do it again and see what happens. And then again and again. It's the only way I'll ever learn, so I'm trying to get with it! As you can see, that's me in the image above with my trusty camera. If camera's had feelings, I swear mine would be thinking "really?!... her?..." haha. It's OK. Soon, it will be proud. Fingers crossed.

Along with that, I'm also gearing up for a family wedding. A cousin of mine is getting married in two weeks and I'm in the bridal party. It's all happening so fast! Half of my family is Indian so we will be wearing Indian saris and suits which is always fun. I'll also be getting mendhi (or henna) done on my hands which is traditional for weddings. I still need to buy an outfit for one of the occasions. It's going to be three days long so it's a lot of preparing. If you know anyone that is Indian, you'll know that weddings are a huge deal and usually last a few days with multiple events. It's going to be fun dressing up and being a part of it. 

Well, today is nearing a finish and it's going to have to be an early night for me as I have work tomorrow. Sigh. But, I'm excited for tonight. Pizza for dinner and catching up on some Breaking Bad episodes. With the series end nearing, everyone keeps talking about it and I'm still on season 3 (bangs head against wall)! So, I need to get with it and catch up! Along with that, I get to do some skincare treats. It's Liquid Gold night. I know it sounds lame, but that stuff is so good, I literally get so excited for the nights that I get to apply it (since you're only supposed to use it every other day). I just know that tomorrow I'll wake up feeling good. On a side note, I did finish up a sample of the Eve Lom Cleanser and I'm actually not so sure that I like it. Maybe I need to stick with it a bit longer, but the scent was so strong and overwhelming and I felt as though it was thick and more difficult to spread across my face than what I'm used to. Am I doing something wrong? I had such high hopes as this seems to be a holy grail for many, but I'm not so convinced. I'm much preferring my Clinique Cleansing Balm which isn't as fancy, but it gets the job done and keeps my skin happy. Oh well... we shall see.

Anyhow, this turned out to be a bit of a ramble. But, this week is looking up. I have a few fun things planned for postings as mentioned. Oh! And I finally got my bloglovin' account up in my sidebar so if you find that's easier for you to use to follow blogs, you can click the link there. Thanks to my brother who is much better at figuring out code than I am! It's actually pretty convenient to follow blogs there. I had no idea what it even was until a few weeks ago (where have I been?!). So that's up and running. Also, I finally got with it and have been tweeting and Instagramming much more. It's kind of addicting. So, that's all for now. I'm posting some of my Fall nail polish picks tomorrow. See you then :)

p.s. Can you believe it's September?! WTF? My horoscope is promising though. It's always so fun to read it and then see what really happens. lol. Ah, doorbell just rang. PIZZA!!!

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