Hall of Fame - Chanel Lip Glosses

Anyone who knows anything about me will know that I am a lipgloss fanatic! Lipstick? Eh. Lipgloss? Yes!! I'll admit something now and never again. I probably have one too many glosses. OK OK, you got me. Like thirty too many! Sigh. It's such an addiction. From high end to the drugstore I've tried numerous brands, but I have to say that Chanel are my absolute, hands down, no doubt about it, all time favorites. When a girl has about fifty lip glosses, finishing one is like a miracle. Chanel has given me many miracles. No joke. I repurchase and repurchase. The color selection is quite good and they're always coming out with limited edition shades every season. Only thing I hate about the limited edition shades is that I fall in love and then I can't ever buy it again! First world problems I tell you.

Aside from the beautifully classic packaging that really just cannot be denied, the formula is just perfect. Great consistency, long lasting and when it does start to wear off, it wears off evenly. Huge plus because I hate when it gets patchy or you've lost all the gloss in the middle of your lips and have a weird rim around the outer edges. These never do that to me. Even the darker colors. They're not at all sticky. The shimmer is always pretty and not chunky or overbearing. The packaging never fails, I've never had one leak or fall apart. And the applicator applies just the right amount of gloss in one dip. Love love love!

On a small departure, I did pick up one of the new Chanel Cream Blushes last weekend and am loving it! I think it might be the runner up to my YSL favorite. The texture is cream to velvet finish. They have no shimmer in any of them which keeps them all quite natural looking and flattering. Very pretty. If you haven't already seen my post on cream blushes and are interested, click here.

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