My Top 5 Lightweight Bases/Foundations

Every great look starts with the right base. Foundation is so important to start off a look with a blank canvas. Now, depending on the look you're going for, you may want a lighter coverage or a fuller coverage and you'll want to choose the right product accordingly. I wanted to talk about some of my favorite lighter coverage and lighter weight bases. Remember that foundation isn't intended to do all the work and cover every little spot on your face. That's where concealer can come to the rescue. So, even if you have one or two blemishes, you can still get away with a lighter coverage and just conceal the areas you need heavier coverage. I really love lighter coverage products because they tend to feel lighter and more comfortable on the skin and you can normally see a bit of your skin through the product. This keeps you looking more natural and you can fool people into thinking that you aren't wearing anything on your face. Nice! So, I think this can be great for summer time or everyday use or even for a night out if you have quite good skin. You don't need to mask it all off. There is, however, definitely a place for fuller coverage products. That being said, I will do a follow up to this post in the next couple of weeks to talk through my favorite fuller coverage bases that I tend to use when my skin is acting up or for an evening out when you want to look like you have a porcelain complexion. First things first though, lighter coverage. Let's get started with my favorites (they're in no particular order). 

Garnier BB Cream: I've spoken of this before as I've had it in my makeup bag for a while this summer. It has a creamy texture with a light buildable coverage. I find this smooths into the skin very naturally. It doesn't settle into lines and leaves your skin with a nice dewey finish. Very nice and simple for an everyday product with SPF 15. They also make and oily/combo skin version or you could just set the regular one with a light dusting of setting powder to take away any shine and keep it lasting longer.

Diorskin Nude BB Cream: I think this might be my favorite high end BB Cream. Or favorite ever BB cream. I love the packaging. It comes in a tube, but it has a pump. Very unique. It makes it easy to carry around, but the pump keeps it clean and easy to dispense. It has a liquid like consistency and smooths over the skin very naturally. It has a light buildable coverage and the finish is what I call a "natural finish". It's not dewey, but not matte. It's just sort of like healthy velvety skin. This one has an SPF 10. I'd also say that of the BB Creams I've tried, this one seems to last quite well on my skin. Oh, and I can't forget about the smell. Dior products have this fresh rosey type scent to them. Nothing offensive, just soft and pretty. It makes it feel luxurious and like a treat!

Jouer Matte Moisture Tint: This is becoming a holy grail product. No joke. I'm in love. This is so different than any other tinted moisturizer I've used. It still feels lightweight and has a light coverage. Although it is more buildable than the others I've spoken about, but you barely need any. Just a pea size and you're whole face is covered. I've been using this since January of this year quite regularly and I still haven't finished the tube so it lasts quite a long time. What's unique is the consistency and finish. It has a cream like consistency, but almost feels airy. Like it's a creamy mousse. It glides onto the skin so easily and leaves you with a natural matte finish. I say natural matte because it's not shiny, but it's not a flat matte that looks fake. This lasts really well on my skin and stays looking great all day. It has an SPF of 15. I would definitely recommend trying this. I think this is great on all skin types, but especially if you have oily or combination skin and struggle to find a light coverage base that doesn't leave a dewey finish as most do.

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation: Onto actual foundations. This is a good drugstore foundation option. I think the glass bottle packaging looks nice for a drugstore. Keep in mind that it's just an open spout. No pump underneath the cap. It can be a little messy pouring it out, but nothing too awful. This is a liquid foundation with a sheer coverage. It gives a very luminous dewey look to the skin. Blends in well and looks/feels like a higher end foundation would. This is a great option for dry skin, but if you want to try it out and you have oily skin, they actually have a powder in the Nearly Naked line that complements this foundation really well. It has a natural finish so it will help set the foundation into place for longer wear and change the dewey finish to a more satin finish which still looks natural, just not as luminous shine as just the foundation alone.

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua: This is another absolute favorite for foundation. It is so genius. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Chanel really knows what they're doing when it comes to bases and foundation. This is no exception. It is a water based foundation so you need to shake it up real well before using it. It comes out liquidy (but if it comes out separated, you didn't shake it up properly) and blends into the skin gorgeously! It kind of smells like roses to me, but nothing too strong. It has an SPF of 15. It also feels refreshing when applying. I love using my fingers to apply this one. You can do one thin layer over your face, but you can also build this up to a medium coverage if you apply a couple of thin layers. It has a natural velvety finish. I find this to be very versatile because it is buildable from light to medium. I can wear it on a regular day out or for an evening out. It also feels so so light on the skin. It seriously feels like absolutely nothing. I would recommend this for all skin types. As for packaging, the bottle isn't glass like many other Chanel foundations, but I like that it's simple and plastic. You can easily squeeze the product out and toss it into your bag when traveling without worrying about it breaking. Definite plus. I can rave on and on, but I'll just tell you to go and sample it if you haven't already. Trust me.

Hopefully this helps whether you're looking for a BB cream, tinted moisturizer or light coverage foundation, you can pick one of these up to help even out your complexion, make you look healthy and luminous without masking your skin completely. Hope you're feeling gorgeous today (and every other day for that matter)! Until next time...

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