My Wardrobe Staples

I find that we're approaching the end of summer and Fall/Autumn is nearing closer and closer. Boots, jackets, leather and so on are already making appearances in stores. Crazy how time flies! So, I've put together a few of my closet essentials. A few staples that are must haves in my closet all year round. The pieces that transition perfectly from season to season and the season after that.

(left to right)
Lightweight Cardigan: I love wearing sweaters. Having a lightweight casual sweater can be worn on summer nights or as a layering piece during the colder months. This one is from All Saints and I love it. I also love sweaters from Vince. They both last forever and are great staples. Totally worth the splurge.
Indigo Denim: Every girl has to have a great pair of dark indigo denim. It can be dressed up or dressed down. Pictured above are my AG skinny jeans.
White Tee: I think this is so essential to every closet no matter how old or young you are. I love the look of a classic white tee or shirt. It never goes out of style. Always looks classic and effortlessly chic. My personal favorite is from Wilt. They will last you forever. The material is comfy and the shape is flowy and casual.
Lightweight Scarf: I have so many scarves because they are just so freakin versatile. A lightweight scarf can be used for summer evenings or even as a beach cover up and of course be used for warmth on a colder night. I picked this one up on a trip to NYC.
Sneakers: Your basic white sneaker is great for casual days out today, tomorrow or next year. These Superga's are made great, super comfy and classic. Wear them with a dress or a cool pair of jeans, the options are endless.
Classic Polishes: I have quite a few different nail polishes, but I always find that my go to's are from Essie. They have a really great subtly in their color range. A classic creamy white, light creamy pink and a nude will always always come in handy. Marshmallow is the perfect semi sheer milky white. I do also love Blanc which is more of an opaque white. My favorite pink is Mademoiselle, a creamy sheer  light pink.  And my perfect nude polish is Topless and Barefoot. I haven't found anything that competes with that!
Brass Cuff: I think a good cuff or bracelet that is all metal is a great way to accent any outfit. I'm currently obsessed with this skinny railroad spike cuff from Giles & Brother. I think this will stay in my jewelry box for years to come.
Perfect Scent: I have a ton of scents that I like to wear, but this D&G 6 is one of my favorite go to scents. It's light enough to wear every day and it's not overly girly or too masculine. It's actually a unisex fragrance. I find it really sexy and androgynous.
Classic Sunnies: We have to protect our eyes all year round and sunglasses are the way to do it. I have a few that I love, but my Raybans are quite classic I would say. They're easy and go with everything!
Leather Bag: A good leather bag is another essential and also gets better with time. I love the look of old beat up leather bags. I've been enjoying this tote from Madewell quite a lot as of late. I find myself wanting to cart around my pen tablet and camera and iPad all the time so this bag is the perfect catch all for everything.

As you can see, I tend to splurge a bit more on my staple pieces because I want them to last me forever and these all have stood the test of time. Never splurge on that really awesome pair of lime green pumps. Not worth the money. A good pair of jeans on the other hand will stay with you long enough to make some good memories in. What would you consider a staple in your closet?

On a side note, Miss Bella (below) was hanging out while I was photographing my pieces this weekend and I snapped a pic of her too. She's way too cute for her own good.

Talk soon.

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