Lip Care

Caring for your lips is pretty important and I feel like a lot of us just forget about them. Aside from the Burts Bees lip balm that's probably floating around somewhere in your bag when you're feeling chapped. Lips are not to be forgotten though. Especially being women, we want our lips to look healthy and beautiful. Duh! But really, it's something you shouldn't skip out on. Here are a few things I do and use to keep mine in good shape.

1. Lip Balm - Having a good lip balm is really important. I always keep one in my bag and another by my bedside. Applying lip balm regularly every morning and every evening will do wonders. It sounds simple, but a lot of us only pull it out when we think we need it. Just make it part of your routine and stick with it. If I'm going to be wearing lipstick, I'll just be sure that I apply the balm first thing and let it sink into my lips before applying the lipstick so that it doesn't cause it to slip and slide around. If you need to blot the product off a bit, that works too. My personal favorite balm is the Dior Creme De Rose. It's pretty and works like a charm. Also smells like roses. I consider this the girly girl lip balm. I do also like the Korres Lip Butter in Jasmine.

2. Lip Treatment - This is the rescue balm for winters and seriously chapped lips. Although using lip balm regularly usually keeps things in check, there are times when my lips can get seriously dry and chapped. Makeup doesn't look good on them and they can sometimes hurt if they start cracking. I have tried probably hundreds of balms in my lifetime and I always find that Blistex Lip Medex (in a blue pot) is the only thing that can save me. I know it's not fancy or pretty by any means. But, it's quite strong and it will feel cooling on the lips. It will give you relief and heal your lips. I'm warning you that it tastes bad so try not to lick your lips, but it will do wonders if your lips are on the verge of death!

3. Lip Scrub - As many people that have come to know about lip scrubs, I find that many still don't know about them. Just like a scrub for your body or face, there are scrubs for your lips. They will help remove any dry or flakey skin. They will essentially smooth the surface and scuff off all the dead skin cells sitting on your lips. They'll feel softer, smoother and look brighter. This is great to do once a week or so. And especially before wearing a bold lip color so that you have the perfect canvas to apply the color on. I like the Fresh Sugar Lip Polish. Lush also has a good one called Mint Julip's Lip Scrub. If you don't want to bother with one, a basic toothbrush lightly brushed over the lips will give you the same result.

Hope that gives some of you a few new ideas for how to care for your lips and make them extra gorgeous! Until next time....


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