Star Gazing at Mount Pinos

I'm taking a departure this morning from the usual beauty post. Although this is far beyond any beauty I could ever conjure up with makeup. Sometimes you just have to stop and take a moment for things like this. This past Saturday, I accompanied some friends to go up to a place called Mount Pinos. I'd never heard of it before last week. Living in and around the LA area, I've gotten used to never seeing stars. At most, I'll see 5 stars in the sky. If I'm lucky. Shooting stars? Don't hold your breath. It's the saddest thing because I LOVE seeing stars. Such a sucker for a starry night. Not to mention the science behind it all is really interesting. It's just so cool to see the stars and everything else that's out there in the sky that we almost forget even exists because we can't see it. Anyways, my friend invited me to join her and her family up there for the new moon. And when I heard 'stars', I knew I had to go! It is a place about an hour and a half north of LA off the 5 fwy at 8,300 ft elevation where astronomers and enthusiasts alike park, set up telescopes and chairs to star gaze for the night. The new moon creates prime viewing as it isn't as bright out. Which also means that white flashlights or headlights are off limits so you don't interrupt the dark night. It is serious business up there!

It started on Saturday afternoon, we grabbed some sammies and drove straight out of LA. Just long enough of a drive to give you time to chat and bond in the car, but not long enough to make you crazy! I had a lot of fun driving up and getting to know a new friend of a friend. Having girly chats and listening to soft rock on Kost 103.5 which proved to be quite funny. Upon exiting the freeway, the conversations shift as you feel like you're in another world which is pretty awesome considering it's only and hour and a half drive. There were so many trees as we winded up the mountain. And I don't mean palm trees, I mean real forest park trees. When we arrived, we set up chairs and blankets and food - of course. First thing I saw through the telescope? Saturn. What?! It's so cool. Just like what you'd see in a text book picture, but it's so incredible to actually be beneath the stars and look at it through a telescope with your own eyes. You just feel so small. And I mean that in the best possible way. It makes you step back and realize how much is out there in the world outside of our little lives. When it first started getting dark, I couldn't believe the amount of stars in the sky. All the while everyone kept saying "just wait". Just wait? For what? How could it get any better? But it does. Holy Shit! I've never seen so many stars in my entire life. These pictures do not even do them justice. It's so incredible. I felt like I was in a snow globe. Some fictional world created at the top of that mountain. A perfect little bubble. There were so so so so many stars. It honestly looked as if someone had sprinkled glitter across the sky. So Spectacular! As the night went on we caught sight of the Milky Way amongst other things through the telescope.

I can't even go on because I would ramble on forever trying to justify how incredible everything looked and felt. I did see about 5 shooting stars throughout the night after going my entire life with never seeing one! And yes, I most definitely made wishes on each of them. Any excuse to make a wish! The whole evening was part educational and part magical. I have so much gratitude for my good friend and her family for welcoming us into their circle. And to her dad who had so much enthusiasm and knowledge and was so gracious in sharing it with all of us.

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