Quick Tip: Understanding Color Undertones for Lip Colors

Ever worn a certain color and noticed it changes the cast of your skin tone or teeth, etc? Not all pinks are created equal and that goes for all colors. A cooler (blue toned) color, for example, can make your teeth appear more white where as a warmer (yellow toned) color can make your teeth look more yellow.

This is why I love cooler toned lip colors and when I do go for a warmer tone, I try not to go too orangey or I look for warmer toned colors with blue shimmer so that you can get the best of both worlds. That's not to say that warmer tones aren't good or pretty, but when you're looking to brighten your smile, try shades with cooler undertones to make it pop! Hope that's a bit helpful! Talk soon.

1 comment :

  1. I always try to opt for the cooler ones as your teeth look so much nicer in pictures! It's just a shame when there's some seriously pretty bright pinks!