Chanel Bag Obsession - Inspiration

For almost as long as I can remember, I have been in love with Chanel handbags. Most specifically, the 2.55 which was named for it's date of creation. February of 1955. I look at this bag and just swoon! So beautiful, so classic, so... exactly what I want! It's the epitome of Chanel. Effortlessly cool. Practical and chic. I could spend hours talking about it, but pretty much anyone who hasn't been under a rock has seen this bag and knows how iconic it is. I think it's also really fun to see how much history is in the design of this bag. Coco Chanel herself designed it based on her essential needs at the time to keep her hands free. One of my favorite little features is the small front pocket that was said to have been added for Coco to store her love letters. So risqué! Funny thing though is that the double C closure that we all are used to seeing on this bag wasn't actually part of the original design. Although the double C logo was around from the beginning, the original closure on this bag was actually a rectangular closure. It was Karl Lagerfield who placed them on this bag as the closure and introduced it as such in the 80's!

There's no denying this bag. I wish I owned one! It's the kind of bag that would last you forever and look good til the end of time! You can wear it with ripped jeans or with an evening gown. I look at that picture above and just think - I want to be her! The casual striped shirt, headphones and the mini Chanel just tucked into her hand. Like "yeah I'm cool. I know it... and what?!". 

One day....

p.s. Don't you think every guy should be taught that quote?! haha. (All boys go running in opposite direction)

Inspiration image source unknown - I pulled this off of Pinterest with no origin for it. As much as I love Pinterest I hate that sources are lost in the abyss of repinning. Would love to give credit if anyone knows where this came from. 

Quote by RueLaLa

Drawing by muah as always


  1. I want a Chanel bag too! It's my dream to own one, one of these days ... Coco Chanel is my favorite woman.

  2. Love the quote and your beautiful drawings of course!

    isabella <3