LORAC PRO To Go - Review

I can't tell you how often I find myself packing a bag whether it be for one night or one week. Honestly, it's all the same when it comes to packing your makeup. If you want a full face, you'll need eye shadows, liner, blushes and so on and on. I end up with more cosmetics than clothes! That's why I'm always looking for things that will give variety in a compact way. So, when I spotted the LORAC Pro To Go Palette, I knew it was the sort of thing I'd want to give a try and glad I did.

I've used this palette a few times now and it's so wonderful. The palette folds out like an accordion so you can have it all the way open displaying the mirror, shadows and blushes all at once (as photographed in the above image on left). Or, you can flip one side open at a time which is easier to maneuver if you don't have surface space. As you can see, the top portion has a mirror. Very practical for being on the go. The next section has six eye shadows, then below those are two blushes and one bronzer.

The quality of these powders are amazing. If you've ever tried LORAC shadows, you'll know what I mean. Highly pigmented (you can sheer them out though if you want it more subtle), easily blendable and velvety smooth. Because they are so soft and pigmented, I do suggest tapping off your brush before applying so you don't get drop down on your face. Another great thing about the formula is that the shadows can be used both wet or dry. So, if you want a more intense pigment, just dampen your brush before dipping into the shadows. I personally love this because I like to use the black as an eyeliner and using it wet gives me a crisper, deeper and cleaner line.

I've swatched all the colors below (dry swatches - no flash). That is just showing the color with one swipe. No building up necessary to get to that intensity. For the eye shadows, the top three are shimmery. I think Chai is my favorite. It's a beautiful intense shimmery golden brown. The bottom three  eye shadows are more matte (although Shell and Cafe have a slight very fine glitter running through them). The coral blush is shimmery while the pink blush and the bronzer are both matte. All beautiful colors and diverse enough to give you multiple day or night looks. Loving it.

If you travel often and like to have versatile easy makeup, I would highly recommend this. It's really just the kind of thing that takes out all the guess work. Without having to think twice, you can just toss this into your bag with foundation & mascara and you're good to go. I had the LORAC Pro Palette and love it so I knew the To Go version wouldn't disappoint. (BTW - if you haven't checked out LORAC Pro Palette, you should. It's got a combo of half shimmers and half mattes, has a good variety of color for many looks, has great pigmentation and is really thin in size). I believe the LORAC Pro To Go palette is exclusive to Sephora, so you can check it out there. The price is also reasonable at $38 for what it includes. Nice!

Talk soon.

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