Marc Jacobs Beauty - Review

I was so excited when I finally got my order in the mail from the limited time preview on Sephora.com of a few select products in the new Marc Jacobs Beauty line! Upon opening the package (after I caught my breath), I immediately thought; sexy, seductive, provocative and playful. I think they really have something good here.
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First thing I opened were the 7 color eyeshadow palettes I got. I loved the packaging for these and the little pouches they came in. Most higher end brands house their compacts in pouches so that was nice to see here as well. The palettes are thin and sleek. Very understated, but gorgeous in my opinion. The shadows themselves did not disappoint. They all swatched well. There is a bit of fallout in some of the colors, but nothing out of the ordinary for highly pigmented, soft shadows. Kind of how Urban Decay shadows are. Just a tap of the brush and you'll be safe. 

I have to say, I'm obsessed with the naming of things in the line. So spot on and in keeping with the provocative nature of it all. The purple/violet palette is named "The Tease". A combination of violets and plums with some pale pinks. I've been loving this one so much. As much makeup as I have, I don't own a palette that has colors like these so I was happy about that. I also felt like these colors inspired me to venture out, really play around with color and challenge myself to think outside my neutral box.

Here we go again with the perfect name. "The Starlet" is the palette full of shimmery metallics. So beautiful and they all have great color pay off. From taupe to bronze to copper, gold, silver, etc., etc., this palette has every metallic you'd want for a glamorous look. It's a very "I'm going out and I'm fabulous" kind of palette. 

The lip glosses. Right off the bat, I will say that one of mine exploded and leaked everywhere because the stopper at the top came loose. Very annoying. I'm hoping that was just a fluke though because the other four have been perfectly fine. Aside from that, I do love the look of the packaging. I also love the applicator. It's a sponge applicator, but unlike any other I have. It's flat on either side and the entire sponge part is actually flexible. Kind of like a brush and sponge tip in one. Best of both worlds. And you never have to go in for a second dip into the tube for more product. Once is perfect. They do have a sweet cotton candy type scent to them which I quite enjoyed. They're not at all sticky. They have more of a creamy plush texture. I also noticed a slight cool feeling upon application. Almost like when you apply a Burt's Bee's balm and you get that minty cool feeling on your lips. As for colors:
Lust for Life is a ruby red color with gold shimmer flecks throughout. I found this one to be quite pigmented and very pretty.  Although you could layer this over a lipstick, you wouldn't need to at all.
Studded Kiss is probably my favorite. A deep fuchsia color with very fine shimmer throughout. I also found this one to be highly pigmented. 
Heart Shaped (such a cute name) is a bright peach color with shimmer. I would say this is semi pigmented. It gives color pay off, but you can still see your lips through it. Still very pretty though.
Overprotected. Probably my favorite name of them all. Overprotected for a creamy baby pink color. So perfect. This is the only one of the five with no shimmer. I also found this one to be semi sheer. It tints the lips, but you can still see your lips through it.
Kissability is a mauve pink with gold shimmer. I would consider this to be a dark nude color. My lips are actually quite naturally dark so this is almost the same color as my lips. For me, I'd consider this a 'my lips, but better' color. Very pretty and easy to wear with good pigmentation. 

Last, but not least is the lip balm. I debated on picking this up because, well, let's face it. Who needs a lip balm just for the Marc Jacobs name? I do! At least that's what my heart told me as I clicked my way to an extra large shopping cart. Yikes! I was actually pleasantly surprised by this though. Again, I'm going to start out with the name. Makeout. Love it. And when I opened the lid of the box, there was a note for how to twist off the cap with directions, "Hydrate - Makeout - Repeat". So sexy. But, the main thing is - does it work? Yes! It has SPF 18 which is great and it actually feels very similar to my Fresh Sugar lip balm which is my all time favorite lip balm. It has a silky waxy feeling. That sounds odd, but it's the best I know how to describe it. I say waxy because you can feel it coat your lips like it's protecting them. I found it hydrating and it smells like minty gum. Is it necessary? No. But if you want it, you'll be happy with it!

Overall, very excited about all of it and also excited to see the rest of the line when it launches on August 9th. I'm anxious to see what the blushes and foundation perform like. It will be available at Sephora and select Marc Jacobs stores if you're interested in having a look when it launches. 
Talk soon!

I ended up returning both Overprotected and Heart Shaped lip glosses because they leaked like no other! Really annoying and unacceptable for a high end gloss (or any gloss for that matter). Thankfully, Sephora is great with returns and had no issues refunding the products. I still have the three others, but would probably steer clear from purchasing any more as I don't trust the packaging. 

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  1. these all look so good! even the packaging is nice :)