Review - Chanel CC Cream

A few weeks back I ordered the new Chanel CC Cream. I have to say that Chanel bases are amongst my favorites. So, when I saw that they were releasing their own CC cream, I had to give it a try. Let's get the 'not-so-good' out of the way. For one, it's Chanel so yes, it's a luxury product and you're going to pay for it. $55 for 30ML to be exact. And to be quite frank, the shade range sucks. As in, there is no shade range. I've only seen it on Chanel.com in 20 Beige which, lucky enough, just so happens to be my color. If you're fair or medium fair in skin tone, this color will work for you. It's sheer enough and has neutral undertones so multiple skin tones in that range can get away with using it. Unfortunately, if you're deeper in complexion, you're out of luck. I'm not sure if they plan to come out with more shades, but I wish they would!

OK, enough of the bad stuff, let's get to the beauty of this product! If you like products that are easy to apply, lightweight, sheer and non greasy, you have to sample this out. It has a creamy consistency out of the tube, but as you apply (I use clean fingers to work it in) it just melts into your skin, smooths over it masking pores and/or uneven texture. Once it's worked in and sets, it leaves you with a velvety finish. Almost feels like a cream to powder product which is quite unique. It looks very natural. Like your skin but better. You can't even tell you have anything on (major plus). It definitely has the potential to be built up slightly by applying a few thin layers in areas that need more coverage, but this isn't going to cover any blemishes or hyperpigmentation. I feel that it will just enhance your skin, give it radiance, even out tone and texture, and blur (not cover) blemishes or spots. What I do if I have a blemish is apply the CC cream to even out my skin and I'll just add concealer in the areas that need it. If you want, another option is to use this as a primer/tinted base to layer beneath your usual foundation. It will help even out texture and tone so you will need less makeup. Plus, the radiance it gives your skin will still show through which is nice.

I find this to be great for my skin type which tends to be oily because the finish isn't shiny looking like many BB and CC creams. It just looks natural and healthy - so perfect. Although most people want to have BB and CC creams just replace their entire morning routine, I feel strongly that with all of them, you should still apply a serum beforehand and if you're quite dry, I would also put your usual moisturizer on prior to applying this one in particular. I just don't think that one product can do it all. This one in particular does feel hydrating enough on my skin so I just apply my serum and then go straight in with this. It also lasts well on my skin which says a lot because I'm generally out and about for the majority of the day so anything that holds up on me is a true test. I'll sometimes blot a couple of times, but nothing major. And lastly, it has SPF 30. Yes! Because we all need to be protecting our skin.

I'd definitely give this a go if you're looking for something easy, natural looking and luxurious feeling with some sun protection. It is pricey, but the great thing about higher end products is that you can get a sample from a counter to test it out before taking the plunge. To be honest, sometimes I end up spending more money at the drugstore trying a million things before I find the one that works. This way, you can try it without making the commitment until you're good and ready!

Until next time, talk soon.

p.s. I really want to try the Clinique CC Cream. I've heard good things, but haven't gotten around to it. Will have to give that one a go soon. Also, if you want to see what my absolute favorite BB creams and lightweight coverage foundations/bases are, click here.

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