Hey, it's me. Jesenia!

Hi there. I'm Jesenia. 

OK, I got the hardest part out of the way. Now that we know each other, we can be best friends and talk about all things beauty 24/7. Too fast? OK, we'll take it slower. Let me tell you a little more about myself. I'm in my mid 20's and ever since I was a tiny lady, I've loved coloring, creating and all things artistic. I have always loved painting and drawing, making things beautiful, etc. So, naturally as I grew up, my love of crayons and finger paints turned into a full on love affair with cosmetics. It's like grown up girly version of colored pencils, markers and paints. I quickly began collecting. It was like an addiction. Oooo... I don't have that color. I was the crazy girl who had three purple eyeshadows and insisted I needed another. My mom would say "don't you already have that color?" to which my response would be "No. I have a warmer toned purple at home with no shimmer. This one is cooler and has flecks of blue glitter". Soon I had a case full of makeup! Although I really didn't start wearing makeup until college. I loved it. Trying out new colors and playing around with everything. As years have passed, I've since graduated from college and am working in a field that I love. But makeup has also stayed a constant love of mine, I love to read blogs, books and watch videos to learn techniques and of course to learn about new products. Although this isn't my profession, I often find myself talking and answering questions about makeup so I thought maybe it was time to start writing down all of those things. I want this to be a place where I can spend time talking about something that I enjoy and start a creative space for myself online. I love my day job, It's a creative environment and I couldn't be more grateful to be doing it for a living, but this can be a space just for me and if I can help one or two people along the way, cool. As I said, I'm not a professional makeup artist, but I will share with you what I've learned and things I like. You know, from my 20 plus years experience of being a girl :)

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